There's a lot going on in the world......... These are indeed transformative times...... but why does there seem to be a complete lack of reason, logic and common sense on behalf of world leaders?

Rambling thought suggests that it is all by design, and while a few out there will say "Really, your just now figuring this out" the majority of others will say "not possible". Following this for a long time leads to a deeper understanding of events and outcomes and while most people do not have a full grasp of why it is being done the fact remains....the world has been purposefully lit up.


In short this is the rambling thought: The global elite and hyper wealthy are not destroying (breaking) current world structures in order to create a global government for near term greed and hubris alone (although some clearly have that in mind). It seems obvious now that they are rather creating the framework for a world government that has the ability to take control prior to and then after coming earth changes.


Given the above statement the success and or failure as well as the "why" of it all becomes irrelevant, what is relevant however is the "how" as it relates to survival. A few general questions to help you get started:

- Where are the uber wealthy buying property and how does that line up with the earth changes map above?

- What are they investing in: short or long term commodities, staples, metals?


There are a host of sites with all sorts of fact based information relating to nwo, global government, earth changes, magnetic shifting of poles and survival so we won't bore you with any lists but you should definitely start making plans because while time is short, there is at least still time.


(11-12-14): IT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED - As mentioned prior…. the dominos will not fall as pushed; the implementation has failed. The grand scheme for the re-establishment of the Edwardian era has become nothing more than folly. "Man" is more powerful than even they had first perceived. This does not mean all is well, there will be repercussions. The failing race will indeed fail but not before wreaking the havoc of enmity upon the heal. The unseen changes have begun and will be visible shortly. Even Now – it is not too late.  

(11-18-13): Finality - The "implementation" has failed, a creeping realization of this will give way to chaos. Not chaos as planned by man but chaos as adjusted for by God. Natural events will continue to expand in scope, strength and frequency. Only moments remain and yet..... there is still time.

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Good luck, and may God be your guide.