Rambling Dreams


Why did Jesus have such an impact in this time? Let us ponder – was it his physical power, his great intelligence maybe his understanding of the law?

Rambling Thought would suggest to you that it was his vibrational frequency….. And that like any sinusoidal wavelength the crest and trough as represented by his conscious manifestation created vastly more complex patterns than that of the majority of his time and even today. Furthermore the peak to peak amplitude that he generated has increased through sapcetime changing (touching) the vibrational patterns in increasingly more consciousness manifestations (us).

Our consciousness (antennae) either accepts this new more complex frequency (vibration) adjusting the manifested pattern of our existence or rejects it.  By accepting it we form a new pattern with more complexity. Often this new pattern is considered to be regenerative. When our consciousness (antennae) rejects the new more complex wavelength the current conscious pattern remains static and decays.
Hmmm……was it such that the conscious representation of the Word of God could actually modulate frequencies while maintaining the purity of his own expression thereby providing control over not just inert manifestations but also conscious ones?


Isaiah 55:11

On a side note: RT has decided that everything is written and revealed in Isaiah.



OH My………RT has indeed been busy – where to begin ……..first it is suggested that you grab some salt……… maybe some cheese, apples and a little something to wash all this down with…...

Rambling Thought has long pondered the movie Inception. RT saw it as an attempt to inject into the masses the preconceived notion of the downfall of western society. The symbolisms of character, image and timing may have just been skilled movie magic however reading between current news headlines suggests that western society is indeed on the brink……crumbling if you will.

Hmmmmm…. How about this one:

“Shall the pot say to the potter it is time for the kiln…Then why are you so surprised if the creator of the race should change the location of the finish line”

Heck, maybe this one:

“Foolish ones – you believe your selves wise and powerful because you have “A” key. As there are many houses great and beautiful there are also many keys. Have you truly unlocked the door that is proper or have you been led down a street that is dim and not well lit?



Ok this one just won't leave RT alone so posted it becomes..........

“The treacherous dealers continue to deal treachery without thought of recompense for their own or the souls of the innocent….Lord hear our prayer and our thanksgiving  that these brokers of havoc and destruction fall into a pit of their own creation, are caught by their own snare and spill only their own blood”


Feb 13, Feb 13, Feb 13, Feb13, Feb 13, Feb 13

(ok - now your just....hmmmm.....uhhhhh....... rambling)

Rambling Thought has much to say on several items however it seems pointless sooooooo RT will simply say this - Backlash in 5,,,,,,4.......3''''''''



The Abomination of Desolation


RT has this to say to those who would be gods..........

If for no other reason than the sake of your own eternal existence.

Update: Can't say there wasn't a warning....all heck breaking loose in 10, 9, ..............Oh but wait that's been the plan all along. Silly, Silly RT!! (where's the salt.....this dish needs a little flavor)

*** Rocks thrown by children (says Rambling Thought),,,,,, not quite the "all heck breaking loose" expcted. No doubt there is yet more to come.



Not to be rude, but the “Croods” is just ridiculous Or insidious – you choose ……...

Let us consider:

A family run by a highly patriarchal father is controlled in such a way that they never leave their home – a cave (isolated darkness). The allusion here is that the patriarchal system keeps people in bondage and unenlightened.

Wait…….there’s more – It goes on to show that a female child, by breaking the “stone age” constraints will save the family and lead them in to an expansive enlightened world.

More you say…really, yes – the message is deeper (whether you want to accept it or not Mr. Crood) – It is a message to the children that they know better than their stone age minded parents and that they can affect positive change by defying their parent’s authority.

It is also a message to the parents who watch it, that our current society is much like the caves of the Croods. That by following the more progressive, free thinking children, current societal systems and personal existent paradigms will crumble revealing a much more harmonious life experience.

What’s that you ask – In the movie there is a trigger, an event outside of the control of the family that starts the whole process. Yes as a matter of note there is…….

Inception at its finest!

Rambling Thoughts question back to you is this: Has the “earth shattering” trigger been set? If so who will pull it and when?

Hmmmmmm…….maybe Mr. Crood, just maybe it’s already in motion….super slow motion.



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Everything...absolutley Everything changes in - 3,,,,,,,,2............


(ok maybe not but most likley)



"Rambling Thought"

- Yes -

"Will the United States stand?"

- The United States will stand.....furthermore - what will come to be known as the Soros administration by historians has been recorded as the most corrupt political body in this world's history -

---------- 750 ----------- 862 ---------




Shhhhhh............someone's about to ..........wait for it............wait for it......... waaaaait fouuuur iiiit..............

"CRACK" - someone's about to crack - this ought to be good!

(I wonder who it will be? (pass the cheese and crackers please, RT needs to munch something to ease the suspense))

((BTW - a small reminder.......Rambling Thoughts - take 'em with a grain 'O' salt))



What's that you say RT? Something big, something sooooooooo very big it will shake the very foundations and make everything that has come before seem like childish play acting - Oh my.



Rambling Thought suggests that the culling will begin shortly


Just as the domino has yet to (and will not) fall into place as planned, neither will the culling end as desired.


***Update: here we go - in 5, 4, 3, ........

(*Update 2* hmmm - Rambling Thought says - isn't this embarassing .....it would seem the cull has been postponed due to a small tiny little error in planning ((and it may just foil the whole scheme)), aren't we soooooo very sorry about that :-), Rules gentlemen, remember you gotta follow the rules)

grains of salt, grains of salt these are just a collection of Rambling Thoughts - please keep that in mind



Ramble, Ramble, Ramble…… Blahhhhhh -----

Many, many (many) years ago RT told someone that Stephen Hawking was wrong and that black holes were actually spewing matter into other universes…. kinda like connected bubbles sharing matter. The look RT received was priceless however Stephen Hawking has indeed been proven incorrect and now there is a very credible scientist suggesting the correctness of the Thought.

In short it would look something like this - maybe:

72 names of God......digital root 9.......... 9 solefeggio frequencies........ the flower of life......

*** Update (7.21.13) RT just found this (thank you Spirit Science):

Nassim Haramein - Black Whole (2011) Full Movie - watch it!

  • Now it is understood that Leedskalnin was correct regarding his polarity map
  • It is also endorsed that the miniscule sparks of light that RT can often see are floating are indeed informational in nature. (still RT is curious if they can be directed – trying)
  • No doubt now that the I Ching is an informational system (Rambling Thought touched on that last year (or maybe it was 2011))
  • Clarity on the ramble regarding black holes above and the new understanding on how the subatomic vibration works
  • Finally - at the end of the movie Naseem shows how the tree of life slides together to reveal a three dimensonal star tetrahedron complete with cubeoctohedron / vector equalibrium......someone should build it as a circuit and apply polarity along with the I ching as the program language - maybe? 

------ Moving on -----

Don’t we, in our societies make a big deal of the first born of every year? Then why wouldn’t it be even more prestigious to be the first born of the new age? RT thinks that Jesus was speaking truthfully when he said he was the “way, truth and light” and that he was also being specific to an actual path that leads thru the Sun.  (yeah, yeah – keep your opinions to yourself)

What there’s more….Oh my.

As Enoch has said – we are those who have rebelled. Our manifestation here is a result of the Father’s love, that none should be lost. The creation in which we find ourselves is but a temporary state in which we might, under the watchful eye of the creator, work out our salvation (do our time). There are many who understand this and choose malevolence rather than compassion. They fail to realize that their actions have very real consequences in God’s kingdom.



....and sometime RT is so compelled that it just must be posted....

Rambling Thought suggests that something soooooo very Amazing is about to happen that it cannot really be expressed adequately in words.

Ascension – how’s that for a word.



Patience, patience we say – first the mess then the maid……..

The elder statesman will fail to see his plans realized. As the wind precedes the storm so shall his demise precede the coming of the Lord!



smells like..... world war.

** update - above was posted on 8.19.2013 (because someone wants to know)


Rambling Thought issues this warning:

You seek to pour the foundation of your existence with the blood of the innocent, reinforce it with their bones. Hear now that the Lord will not allow it...... the foundation shall crumble and break, with it your great houses established over the millennia will be ruined never to rise again.

Prove yourselves worthy of the great blessing that has been bestowed....tend to the vines, produce what is worthy of the Lord's Table.

Isaiah 3:14-15



(Please remember these are...rambling thoughts to be taken with a grain of salt)

So........ If RT understands this correctly in the event of plan a's failure then it's plan b (think about it)? OMG - seems that they are blackmailing with plan b so that plan a works, that's horrendous! also consider that they may have already started preventive plan b measures ........ think about it.


RT wonders if it has ever occured to anyone why God wants to have prayers said in private, alone in a prayer closet?

After some consideration it seems to Rambling Thought that God was saying "Pray in private, by yourself so that the evil one cannot see and twist or thwart your prayers, for I am the only one who can truly see in private and I am the only one who can truly reward openly"


And in 5....4....3..... (silence on the set) - queue the CHAOS?

Oh wait - that's not chaos that's just God pulling the foundation out from under a house divided.




Where is that pesky third nine... it's gotta be around here somewhere.


Update .... Found it.... hiding in plain sight all along:


( Yay )


...And now we wait.




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